Naming your social media account

The Basics

When creating or updating an account page, follow the proper naming structure, using UL Lafayette (for University offices, departments and student orgs) or Ragin’ Cajuns (athletics-related) as the appropriate prefix. 


Academic department: UL Lafayette English Department  
Academic college: UL Lafayette College of Liberal Arts
Campus program or organization:  UL Lafayette Alumni Association, UL Lafayette Campus Cupboard
Student organization: UL Lafayette SGA or UL Lafayette Student Government Association (SGA)
Sports team: Ragin’ Cajuns Men’s Basketball, Ragin’ Cajuns Men’s Soccer Club
Include the full University of Louisiana at Lafayette name in your About section or bio.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides guidance on the proper use of the University's name through the Office of Communications and Marketing's website. These guidelines extend to the use of the University's name on social media with some exceptions made to accomodate the character limits of select platforms. 

Follow these guidelines on any platform that imposes space restrictions on account names.

When creating accounts on platforms that have a limited amount of characters, such as Twitter, which has a 15-character limit, "ULLafayette" is 11 characters long, most offices or departments will need to consider using "UL" as a way to identify as part of UL Lafayette. If you find yourself in this situation: 

  • The abbreviation "UL" may be used in a handle, i.e. @ulalumni, @ulvisualarts, etc.

  • The full University abbreviation "UL Lafayette" or "University of Louisiana at Lafayette" is required in your account name, i.e. UL Lafayette Alumni Association, UL Lafayette Visual Arts Dept., etc.

  • If the full University name is not used in your account name and if space permits, use the full "University of Louisiana at Lafayette" name in your bio or "about" section. 

Contact us if you have any questions regarding how to name your page.