@myULLafayette Posting Guidelines

What should I post?
What makes @myULLafayette special is its authenticity—we want you to be YOU when posting. Post what you do in your everyday life as a UL student. Whether it’s studying, band practice, working on a class project, catching a show in Lafayette, working, grabbing lunch with friends, laboring up the stairs to the fifth floor of Griffin, hanging out by Cypress Lake or taking a hike at one of the many state/national parks in the area—show us what life as a UL student is really like.

Show Your Pride
Be a proud Ragin’ Cajun! At the end of the day, it’s your university. Highlight what you think is great and make it “My UL.”

The Dr. Savoie Check
When posting something you’re not sure is appropriate, just think, “Would Dr. Savoie be okay with this?” Remember you aren’t just representing the university—you’re representing yourself! Would you be comfortable with the University president, your grandmother or professor seeing the post? Be mindful—and always re-read to check for typos—before you press “Share.”

Please use hashtags when posting. Hashtags are the best way for people to search for posts about the things they are interested in. We encourage you to use the University hashtags: #GeauxcCajuns (sports, school spirit), #ulgetinvolved (student orgs and UL-affiliated extracurricular activities), #ulwearred, #cajunsof2023 (shout-out to the freshmen), #ULstudyabroad, and #ragingrads.

Instagram picks up all hashtags left in the comments, so if you feel they detract from your post, then add them in a comment.

Post with a location
Always try to tag your location when you post a photo. It lets followers visit the places you go on- and off-campus, bringing more attention to campus locations and local hangouts. If you want a broader reach for your post, choose the “University of Louisiana at Lafayette” as your location, as opposed to a specific building.

Photo composition
Make sure your picture is visually appealing and make sure a follower would know what you are doing just by looking at it. Don’t be afraid to take a couple of shots of something to find the best one.

Edit Your Posts
Typos are the most common error that we all fall prey to. This happens all the time—no one is perfect! General rule is to read over it two times before posting so you can make sure it is right. Re-reading after you publish is also a great way to pick up mistakes. Thankfully, Instagram lets you edit!

Post 1-3 Times a Day
The number of posts a day should be a reasonable amount. Be selective about what you post—if it is a big event that you are attending, we encourage you to post multiple photos in a single post. Another option is to use the Stories feature. 

Social media is all about the conversation and having fun! Answer comments left on your posts and feel free to like and comment on other students’ posts, too. If you are commenting on other accounts with the @myULLafayette handle, just sign your name to the comments by ending them with your personal Instagram handle.

Have fun! 
This is your time to share your love of UL Lafayette and the life you've built here!